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The sustainable marketplace to buy and sell fashion without using money

What is Tambourine

Tambourine is the new way of shopping without worrying about spending money or damaging the environment. Simply share the clothes you no longer wear and get the new clothes you want

How do Tambourine tokens work?

Tambourine uses its own exclusive digital token currency, allowing you to
shop as much as you want without spending money


1. Trade. Trade. Trade

Load the clothes you want to offer the world. The more you put in, the more you get out


2. Your clothes still have value

Your items are valued instantly using our proprietary token system


3. Watch your account grow

Receive immediate ‘trade in’ tokens from us for trading your items. When someone buys an item from you, they pay you the token value that was set for it.


4. Go shopping

Search the styles of other wardrobes. Simply pay for items with the tokens in your account rather than real money


5. Top up

If you don't quite have enough tokens for something you want, simply share another item

Why tambourine?

exampleSave money

Exclusive digital token currency means you no longer need money to shop

examplePromote sustainability

The resourceful alternative for consumption focussing on trading what we have, for what we want

exampleKeep your image fresh

Receive regular wardrobe updates, connecting you with those who emulate your style

exampleUnderstated convenience

Trade your items. Shop. Have something new delivered to your door

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Whilst we continue to grow our community, our subscription cost is complimentary

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